Our Story

double date

Double Date - LGG$B at Rue2Loz, 2014
The title of our first show together, "Double Date", points to our story as two duos of artists becoming a 4 parts collective. At the time, we were tired of waiting for the art scene to take us into consideration and offer us a platform, so we decided to use apartments that were left empty as our temporary studio and art space. We broke into these places, restored them, worked there, and invited friends and artists to participate in the shows. We did everthing by ourselves with literally no cash.

Locked Out W the Paintings

Locked Out W the Paintings - Painting show: LGG$B invites friends at Rue2Loz, 2014
Our second show in the occupied apartments near Geneva station, Locked Out W the Paintings was an easy-going, one-day summer show. We hung paintings by friends in the staircase and top apartment of the building: one would walk up these old stairs, pictures floating atop crumbling wallpaint, up to the 5th floor, overlooking the trains - and be served a grilled merguez and some stolen champagne. This show embodies our scene as it was on that heavy summer day.


ever-changing windows - LGG$B at M J, 2014
That summer, we were invited by M J to do a residency for two months. We moved our tools and craft supplies into the gallery, and worked in situ preparing the shows we'd planned. The space has two large windows on one of Geneva's busiest streets; we kept onlookers curious by changing the window displays every day.


the Weight of Summer:LGG$B Unzipped - LGG$B at M J gallery, 2014
LGG$B Unzipped was a two weeks long show, divided in four mini solo shows that succeeded one another. To this point none of us had had a space all to herself. This was our way to introduce ourselves to the world, our individual aesthetics and our collective, balanced core - as our little 'solos' overlapped and started a discussion of their own about who we were.

never forever

Never Forever - performance and projection of Springbreakers at M J, 2014
'Never Forever' was our goodbye to a senseless way of life. We used Harmony Korine's movie as a backdrop because we recognized something of our own dynamics in those four girl friends facing a patriarcal, racist and drug-driven world. It was a never-going-back kind of night.

magic bazaar

Magic Bazaar - art store at M J, 2014
Last event of our time at M J, we set up a shop in the gallery and sold clothing, art, furniture, books, accessories and poems.


Immortality - Giulia's show with LGG$B and friends at Forde, 2015
'Immortality' was a show about poetry and its undying, immaterial qualities. Sabrina built some stunning furniture, Loren sew some beautiful costumes to be worn during the readings, Gaia created an etching for the occasion and Giulia picked poems to be taken home or read onsite by visitors.


WARCRAFT - LGG$B show at Upstate, 2015
We were asked shortly after to create a new body of collective LGG$B work for Upstate, an offspace situated in a squat in Zürich. We imagined a show presenting the low-budget, messy techniques of Craft as a tool of War. Part of the text read :

"When humans make beautiful things they turn gold this pitiful universe
when humans make pitiful things they tarnish this beautiful universe [...]

Can we craft Hope
Will we fall or
will we turn"

kino ashita

Ki-no & a-shi-ta - Sabrina and Gaia's pop up store, 2015
A weekend-long dreamy time of homesewn fashion, gentle massage, etched tarot cards, tasty treats, sodatea and all things crafty!

swan song

Swan Song - Loren's show with LGG$B and friends at M J, 2015
'Swan Song' was an exhibition about community: Loren invited all of her close friends, then living in an abandonned hotel by the lake, and in Geneva, to create pieces that would embody and keep the memory of our community as it was at the end of Summer 2015.


HERSTORY - Giulia's show with LGG$B and Max Dashù at Tunnel Tunnel, 2016
For this show, Giulia invited renowned Historian Max Dashu (Suppressed Histories Archives) to do a visual presentation on the topic of patriarchy and the systemic oppression of women. She also asked Sabrina to lend her furniture pieces, Gaia to show some of her etchings, and Loren to build a bookshelf to hold volumes on Goddess Spirituality and ecofeminism.


LGG$B.EARTH - a 16 pages webzine
We held hands, sat down and started cutting paper.


BILLION BALANCES - LGG$B exhibition at SPRINT, Milano, November 2016
"Talking about foot bathing with friends, we came to the conclusion that this strictly feminine practice of laying one’s feet into saltwater, comes from mermaids. Feet – the human equivalent of the fish’s tail – must reconcile with their original environment: saltwater, indeed.
Definitely odd, this theory was useful to me over time, to explain a series of phenomena that, otherwise, would have just appeared alien – inscrutable.

Loren, Gaia, Giulia, Sabrina and foot bathing are the example of how, through daily practices, one can have access to a recondite past and pass it on, how this process is driven by the necessity of founding a personal cosmology, a personal lineage that doesn’t have much to do with actual genealogy.

LGG$B are the daughters of the Kahina, of Tori Amos and Tony Montana.

Writing becomes constant, continuous (it isn’t reduced to the mere act of writing), it is a process in which all their work is involved, because this way, they tend to the construction of a parallel dimension.

This world in miniature, this network of affections, fits in their backpacks, in their bedrooms and even in an exhibition."

- text by Idioletta

Flying on a Cockroach

Flying on a Cockroach - LGG$B at BIG, Geneva June 2017
For a weekend, LGG$B takes you on a hysterical ride, tucked under the wings of a cockroach! Drawings, readings, tajine, music and dancing all packed in a container for 3 days, during the independant art spaces' biennale in Geneva.

Cockroaches may be gross, but they're so much like humans, says Loren.

They move fast and precise, they like our houses, they love our cooking.

Intelligent and they like warm places, and dwelling in cracks, and just enjoy life like the rest of us.


Corsicraft - LGG$B on holiday, June 2017
The four of us escaped on a ferry, heading out to Gaia's Island.

We're not gonna do anything for a week.

Giulia grows her nails. Beach time, manicure, bleeding. Long talks above the ancestral mass grave.

Let's set a craft table on the terrace. Let's make a show

that would be Just for ourselves.

What's next?

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